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Liberal Response To Congressional Shooting Goes Viral: ‘You Get An F At Dodging Bullets’ (VIDEO)

Overnight, a liberal response video to the shooting at a Congressional baseball game practice has gone viral, reaching over a million people in less than 24 hours and has been shared nearly 16,000 times on Facebook.

In the video, the host of a news show goes off on Republicans, blaming them for the tragedy due to their unholy alliance with the National Rifle Association, and then proceeds to tell the injured member of Congress that he gets “an F at dodging bullets.”

Geez, tell us how you really feel man.  Here’s some of the other statements he made during the video (trigger warning: there is some harsh profanity and very not politically correct things said below):

“Even the Congressman who got shot has pushed laws that make it easier not harder for crazy people to get their hands on guns… I hope you’re proud of yourself now, because while you may an A+ from the NRA for your voting record, you get an F for dodging bullets.”

“I have a personal message for Trump and the Republicans in Congress.  It’s your own fucking fault.  Actions have consequences.  Words have consequences.  The Republicans are the ones who have been calling for second amendment remedies for years now.”

“When you kick kids with cancer off their healthcare, then crazy bastards are going to start showing up to baseball games with guns.  And I guess it’s a good thing bullet holes aren’t considered a pre-existing condition, because Republicans in Congress just voted to kill people with those last week.”

“Where is [Trump] when right-wing white nationalists who are terrorists are killing Americans?  He’s silent. Because Trump supports violence against fellow Americans who happen to disagree with what he’s saying.  He’s the one promoting violence from the bully pulpit of the Presidency.”

In the segment, he also directs viewers to some pretty choice tweets that progressives posted in the aftermath of the shooting:

And if you need any more shock value, you can watch the whole response video here:

Woh.  Normally, people wait at least a day to drop some truth like that, but we are living in interesting times, so perhaps anything goes these days.  At least somebody is saying what we’ve all been thinking every time another one of these shootings happens.