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Georgia’s Karen Handel Literally Doesn’t See Gay People As Legitimate; Dooms Her Campaign (VIDEO)

If you weren’t certain the type of person Karen Handel of Georgia’s 6th District was, you’re about to. The Congressional candidate literally doesn’t see gay people as legitimate.

When asked in an interview:

“Why do you think gay parents aren’t as legitimate as heterosexual parents?”

Handel, quite literally, said:

“Because I don’t.”

That sort of myopic thinking has no place within the halls of Congress. She literally doesn’t seek to serve all of her constituents, just the ones she thinks are right in her mind. That’s no being a public servant, that’s ruling by opinion.

Hopefully, the truth being shown about her true horrific nature dooms her campaign. Shame on her!

Here’s the video showing her utter disrespect for LGBT people as human beings:

Featured image via Twitter