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Republicans Already Preparing For Trump’s Impeachment, Their New Plan Will Shock You (DETAILS)

Like many of Donald Trump’s original voters, it seems as though many Republicans are even regretting their support for Trump and are turning on him at record speed. Apparently, Trump’s Russia scandal looks so hopeless and doomed at this point that many members of the GOP are looking ahead – and how they’re doing it is truly shocking and shameful.

Axios reports that Republicans are now abandoning Trump and playing some sort of “parlor game” to imagine what will happen once Vice President Mike Pence takes Trump’s place after the corrupt POTUS is impeached. This game, which has been played in “the shadows of the Russia investigation”, focuses on who Pence would choose as his own Vice President.

Republicans are so ashamed of how Trump has ruined the party’s reputation that they’re using this game to fantasize about the “effect” Pence and a new Vice President might have on America and the GOP. It’s reported that a new VP of Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan or Nikki Haley would make the country “return to normalcy,” while Bob Gates or John Boehner would relieve the “anxiety” that Trump created. Republicans believe that Joe Biden or Michael Bloomberg would “calm the country” and convince Americans that Trump-era remnants would be erased in the White House. However, Republicans feel that a VP choice of Jeff Sessions, Rudy Giuliani or Newt Gingrich would “keep the spirit of America First Trumpism alive.”

This game, while totally ridiculous and childish, is the perfect example of just how badly Trump has fallen and failed during his first few months of being in the White House. His own party is abandoning him, while his historically low approval rating only continues to get worse by the week. The Republicans want Trump out, and this is finally something we can all agree on.

Featured image via  Pool / Getty Images