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Michelle Obama’s Fathers’ Day Message Shows What It’s Like When FLOTUS Actually Loves Her Husband (TWEETS)

If you haven’t been paying attention, you probably don’t know that things aren’t exactly going so hot between Donald and Melania Trump. Until she was forced to do so by public pressure, the alleged First Lady was living with her son in a giant golden tower in New York, forcing taxpayers to subsidize her luxurious lifestyle while her husband traveled from DC to Florida and other places to golf.

Recently, after a slew of reports about her repeated refusals to hold The Donald’s hand, Melania finally moved to D.C. She even forced herself to hold Trump’s hand for a few seconds. But if you think she actually cares about the Pussygrabber-in-Chief, you’re mistaken. All you need to do is see the warmth-free Fathers’ Day wish she left for Trump on Twitter:

Let’s compare this to the beautiful message tweeted by Michelle Obama for her husband:

Note the differences: Trump got a mug emoji, while Michelle made sure to let Barack know he is loved. Naturally, people picked up on the lack of adoration shown by the President*’s wife:

As for Trump, he didn’t bother to wish our nation’s fathers well. He spent his Fathers’ Day lying about his poll numbers:

Our current President* is a complete disgrace and everyone knows it — even his wife.

Featured image via Getty Images/screengrab