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Trump’s Token Black Girls Post Unhinged Tweet; Trump Promptly Retweets Them (IMAGES/VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s token black women, Diamond and Silk, gained fame during the 2016 presidential campaign by acting like the worst kind of stereotypes of black women ever – all while promoting ultra racist Donald Trump. Now that the Russia investigation is heating up and the walls are closing in on the White House, they are, like all delusional Trump mouthpieces, fiercely defending The Donald. To give you an idea of how moronic these two women are, here is a video of them railing against immigrants – all the while not realizing that the same people who hate immigrants also hate them. They also had the insane idea that racist Donald Trump would be the president who would be best for Black America:

These morons tweeted out about how people keep telling Trump to stop tweeting about Russia, and blamed Trump’s tweets on – you guessed it – the media.

Of course, Trump, ever the user and opportunist, promptly retweeted Diamond and Silk’s nonsense:

The thing is, girls, you need to realize that the folks who are telling Trump to stop tweeting are trying to HELP him. By tweeting, he is often admitting to things that will be used against him the investigation, and he is forfeiting his right to invoke any executive privilege when testifying or when having his officials testify in this case. Further, it’s the media’s JOB to talk about what is arguably the biggest attack on our democracy in the history of the nation. They are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Trump is, instead, undercutting himself by tweeting about it rather than allowing his attorneys to do the talking for him.

Meanwhile, the two of you are walking stereotypes of horrific token black women. Trump is using you, and you’re a disgrace to black women everywhere.

But, I’m all for the entire administration being brought down by this, so, by all means, let Trump keep tweeting. Those of us on the side of sanity will be popping our popcorn and watching and waiting.

Featured image via Ethan Miller/Getty Images