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Trump Just Tweeted His Hatred For The Gay Community During Pride Month (TWEET)

In yet another moment where Donald Trump proves he’s a two-faced liar, he just tweeted support of a staunchly anti-gay candidate for Congress.

During his presidential campaign, Trump tried to pretend as though he was a friend to the LGBT community. However, we all knew that was immediately not true when he made Mike Pence his running mate. Pence was one of the most anti-gay governors in the entire nation, signing a law that made it legal for businesses to refuse gay customers.

Now, Trump has just proven his clear hatred for the gay community once again with a tweet in support of Georgia’s Karen Handel, the woman running for Congress in Georgia’s 6th District against Democrat Jon Ossoff.

In a tweet supposedly about health care, although, we still aren’t sure what he means by “P’s,” — peanuts? — Trump officially endorsed Handel.

Here’s the thing about that — Handel not only is against gay marriage but doesn’t see gay people as legitimate. She doesn’t see them as capable parents. In the spectrum anti-gayness, she’s about as bad as it gets, and Trump just endorsed her, during pride month.

Here’s video of Handel saying gay parents aren’t legitimate:

In fact, she’d go so far as to outlaw gay adoptions:

That’s the woman Trump just told everyone to vote for.

Trump is no friend to the LGBT community and anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

Shame on all of them.

Featured Photo by Getty Images