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Trump Tweets Then Deletes Further Proof He Knows He’s In Big Trouble (TWEET)

If there’s something Donald Trump wants all of us to believe, it’s that he’s somehow not guilty of any wrongdoing whatsoever. He’s perfect, after all, in his own mind, and everyone who has ever said a bad thing about him is merely out to get him for no good reason.

Truth is, Trump is not only in trouble, he’s in very, very big trouble if all these alleged allegations turn out to be true. And as the evidence piles up and information comes out in addition to remarkably damning testimony by everyone surrounding the investigations, Trump may not only be ousted from the White House, he may go to prison.

Obstruction of justice, especially looking at what Trump did, could be considered a felony.

Trump is also his worst enemy because, in his effort to try and prove that he’s innocent, he makes himself look even more guilty. Another example of this occurred on Monday morning when Trump promoted his lawyer being on Fox News. He wants to get the narrative in people’s head that he’s not guilty. He’s doing public relations for his lawyer from the White House. An innocent man doesn’t do this. An innocent man lets justice take its course. They wouldn’t need to set up a narrative for the public.

He’s treating his short time in office like an episode of ‘The Apprentice.’

Then, on top of tweeting about his lawyer, he then deletes the tweet. Why? Promotion over? Too damning? Realized it made him look guilty?


Let’s also remember whatever a president says in public, like say, a public forum like Twitter, is public record, and he’s deleting his tweets. This could also be considered illegal.

The truth will make itself known in the coming months, and it’s certainly going to be very interesting to watch.

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