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Congress Cancelling Recess Because They Fear Facing An Angry Resistance

Remember when Obama got elected and passed healthcare reform, then all those crazy bastard Tea Partiers showed up to yell at their members of Congress.  Well, now that we have Trump occupying the White House and the Republicans in Congress are taking a wrecking ball to Obamacare, the pissed off people are on our side now – it’s called the Resistance, you may have heard of it.

But the Republicans in Congress are such cowards that they don’t want to go home to their districts and face their angry constituents in town halls across the country so they’re cancelling the Congressional recess that’s supposed to happen this summer.  Here’s what one Republican Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) had to say:  

“I think absolutely we should truncate or cancel recess. We have a huge agenda. I think we can get a lot of it done, but what we don’t have is time. We can make more time.” 

A Republican strategist even called out his own party on not really doing much of anything while controlling the entire federal government, saying:

“If you’re going back and you’re meeting with constituents, what can you point to and say, ‘This is what we’ve done after the first six months of controlling the entire apparatus of the federal government’?… What’s been signed by the president? …They haven’t finished ObamaCare, I don’t see a balanced budget anywhere, I don’t see an aggressive infrastructure package, I don’t see tax reform.”

 Yeah, with a list of horrible ideas like that, it’s probably a good thing that Congress is completely dysfunctional right now under the Republicans leadership.  Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the guy who was courtmarshalled by the military, is leading the charge to steal healthcare from 20 million Americans and wants to schedule a vote by July 4th.

But it’s probably not going to happen because they’ve spent the last eight years chanting repeal and replace while not actually drafting any legislation, so the bill they’re working with is a bit rushed.  So rushed in fact that it probably doesn’t even exist and it definitely hasn’t been shared with the people who are supposed to vote on it yet.

Here’s what Mr. McConnell had to say about Obamacare being rushed and written in secret:  

Republicans like this are such obvious fucking hypocrites, why do we let assholes like this off the hook every chance we get instead of holding them accountable and beating them back by any means necessary (nonviolently of course)?

It’s why Democrats have been getting their asses handed to them for the last 5 decades. It’s why Republicans have the Senate and the House and the White House and 32 Statehouses and 33 Governor’s mansions.  It’s why 20 million Americans are going to lose their healthcare, because we let guys like McConnell obstruct Obama for 8 years at every possible turn instead of playing hardball and kicking his ass out of leadership and out of office.

People are literally going to die because we let assholes like McConnell off the hook, but I guess it’s just easier for some liberals to lay down and fucking take it rather than do what’s necessary to give assholes like McConnell an early retirement.

However, there are signs of hope in the ranks of the resistance and thankfully, it seems to be rubbing off on some of the younger Democratic Senators.  Here’s a handful of them marching to the Congressional Budget Office in search of a copy of the Republicans Healthcare Bill:

Awesome guys, keep giving em hell and telling us the truth every chance you get, especially while Congress is so dysfunctional under Republican leadership that they’re not even drafting bills and giving them to members of Congress in time to read them before they vote on it.  

And this one is pretty important, ya know, as healthcare is one-sixth of the American economy, as Sister McConnell said, and it impacts the daily lives of millions of Americans.  So, in order to avoid their angry constituents, steal healthcare from millions of Americans, and actually write up that whole replacement for Obamacare, that’s why Congress is considering cancelling their regularly scheduled recess.  

But they should just go home, back to their districts, get an earful from their constituents, face the Resistance, and realize just how far they’ve fallen away from where most Americans are at right now, especially as they sink further and further into the muck with Trump.  

So Congress, go take a working vacation back home in your districts and then come back to the nation’s capitol to fix some of the problems facing Americans rather than enabling the idiot manchild you helped install in the White House.  

Actually, you could start fixing problems there by initiating impeachment proceedings, something most of America supports at this point.