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Dan Rather Says What No One Is Willing To Say About The GOP; It’s Superb

The Republican Party has total control of the government, and they are using it to do very evil things – much of it shrouded in complete secrecy. The White House has broken with decades of precedent, and only holding press briefings when they feel like it. Some of those briefings don’t even allow video and audio in, either. Also, a small, select group of Senate Republicans is restructuring one sixth of America’s economy behind closed doors by crafting a massive tax cut for rich people healthcare bill that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is refusing to let anyone see. Even some of his fellow Republicans are in the dark on this one.

Well, there is one strong voice that has had more than enough of this undemocratic BS that the GOP is trying to pass off as “governing.” Taking to Facebook as he often does, the seasoned journalist penned a scathing post denouncing what the Republicans on Capitol Hill are so brazenly trying to pull on the American people, saying in part:

But nothing I have ever seen approaches what is going on in Washington today. Donald Trump and his aides and enablers, not to mention the opportunists and sycophants that are coalescing around the White House, do not seem to understand or care to understand the very underpinning of our democracy. They work for the American people. Not the other way around.

What is happening in the Senate now with the writing of a health care bill behind closed doors is a travesty of historic proportions. There is a standard process for legislation – actually not standard, just the process there has always been – which includes hearings and input and debate. Anybody who signs on to this abomination will be tarred for their complicity. What happens if and when this bill proves highly unpopular?

Meanwhile, forget the wall on the Mexican border, the only wall this Administration is building is between its suspicious and possibly nefarious actions, and the sunlight of public awareness. Mr. Trump promised to “drain the swamp”, instead it is as if he is building a massive cesspool behind the Hoover dam.

Here is the whole brilliant post, in its entirety:

Dan Rather is right. The Republicans have gone full fascist at this point. The White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate are trying to unleash their deeply unpopular and evil plans on the nation with no input from their Democratic colleagues, and certainly no input from the American people. This is not about what is best for the nation. This is about their continued quest for the consolidation of more and more power.

Folks, this is what happens when fascists take power. They don’t give it up. If we don’t vote these people out in 2018, there will be nothing left of this republic to speak of.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images