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Donald Trump Jr. Gets Easy Fact Wrong On Twitter; Gets Instantly Devoured (TWEET)

With Republican Karen Handel holding on by a hair to the notoriously Republican Georgia 6th District, this was apparently a big win for Republicans.

Conservatives were gloating all night that they almost lost to a Democrat in a district that hasn’t gone to a Democrat in decades.

One of the people gloating was none other than Donald Trump Jr. And he wasn’t only gloating but spreading false information.

In an effort to be an ass and try to rub salt in the still-fresh wounds of Democrats,  Junior tweeted:

“Karen Handel becomes 1st Woman Rep GA has sent to Congress. Still waiting for the glass ceiling stories, or do conservatives not get them?”


Here’s the thing, though, she’s not the first woman representative Georgia has sent to Congress. Not by a long shot and Twitter let Junior know instantly.

Let’s just say there were several more of these.

Now, is Handel the first REPUBLICAN woman from Georgia to go to Congress? Yes. However, it’s 2017. It’s not exactly something to be proud of. Are you happy the state is finally getting out of the dark ages and letting women in positions of power? Never mind the fact that Handel herself still lives in the dark ages with her views on almost everything.

As of now, Junior’s tweet is still up. He, like his dad, is clearly unashamed of being wrong all the time.

Featured Photo by Getty Images