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Kellyanne Tries Desperately To Be Funny On Twitter After Ossoff Loses; Fails Miserably (TWEETS)

White House Counsel Kellyanne Conway is feeling awfully smug right now. So much so, in fact, that she actually had the nerve to lose what little professional dignity she had left last night and mock Democratic contender for the Georgia-06 special election, tweeting:

However, it seems the evil woman still hasn’t realized how much people hate her. So, of course, her tweet wasn’t viewed as funny at all. Instead, it resulted in people pointing out that this should have been a landslide race for the GOP candidate, Karen Handel, and she only won by four points. That was also with the GOP brass bringing in heavy hitters like House Speaker Paul Ryan, and Trump’s #2, Mike Pence. Also Ryan’s huge PAC donated millions to save the seat. None of that should have been necessary. Here are just a few choice tweets that were shot back at Kellyanne:

Here are a few from a Republican with a bit of integrity.

Others pointed out what a bigot Handel is, and how horrible Kellyanne is:

Maybe after these tweets, this crazy broad will realize that people think she is vile, and that she and her treasonous crew are all on borrowed time. In the meantime, keep heckling her every time she tweets, folks.

Featured image via Kevin Hagen/Getty Images