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There Is Now Damning Evidence That Proves Trump Is Too Stupid To Be POTUS (DETAILS)

Donald Trump loves to gloat about how intelligent he is, and has become infamous for brags such as “You know, I’m like a smart person.” However, as many of us have seen from his performance as President of the United States, this is far from the truth and he honestly isn’t capable of doing his job.

For someone who is 71 years old and a college graduate, Donald Trump knows very little about how the world works – and it’s honestly terrifying. For example, he embarrassed America when he traveled to Israel from Saudi Arabia, and told his hosts, “We just got back from the Middle East.” Trump also demonstrated his complete ignorance of history when he stated that Frederick Douglas, who had passed away 16 years before the Civil War, was angered by the war. The Republican Party loves to excuse Trump’s daily f*ck ups by passing if off as “the president’s new at this” – as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan recently did when Trump incriminated himself in his Russia investigation.

It is unfathomable that Trump has spent five months in the White House, and knows just as little as when he entered it. He hasn’t put in any effort to learn how things work, despite the fact that former President Barack Obama practically held his hand during the transition because Trump was so incompetent. Trump himself has stated that he has no time to read books or articles, because “I’m always busy doing a lot” – aka playing golf. Trump has also previously admitted that he makes decisions without even researching them. He said he reaches decisions “with very little knowledge other than the knowledge I [already] had, plus the words ‘common sense,’ because I have a lot of common sense and I have a lot of business ability.”

This is terrifying – and Americans know it. That’s why surveys show that there are now more Americans desperately seeking Trump’s impeachment than those who want him to continue as POTUS. Trump’s presidency has been one failure after another, and it’s mostly due to his lack of intelligence and astounding ignorance.

While it was originally thought that Trump could succeed if only he had the right advisers to pick up the slack, he proved this theory wrong because he doesn’t listen to anyone. Maggie Haberman of the New York Times wrote: “Trump doesn’t want to be controlled. In [the] campaign, [he] would often do [the] opposite of what he was advised to do, simply because it was opposite.”

This man cannot be president. According to the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, it states that if the vice president and most of the cabinet decide that a president is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,” he can be removed from office. It is clear that Trump cannot perform his duties, but the Republican Party lacks the spine to actually do something about it. If this country has to endure a few more years of Trump, it is going to be destroyed beyond repair – and the GOP will be to blame.

Featured image via Alex Wong / Getty Images