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Trump Is Banned From The U.K. For At Least Two Years. The Reason Why Is Priceless (DETAILS)

Donald Trump’s first visit overseas, which happened just a few weeks ago, was a disaster. Trump not only showed everyone that he lacks the physical and mental stamina to do his job as President of the United States, but he also managed to offend several world leaders and make America look like a joke instead of a global leader. After the circus that Trump put on display, it’s no wonder why some countries want no part of him.

Apparently, the people in the United Kingdom are so heated and angry over Trump that his visit to the ally has been pushed back for at least two years!

According to The Telegraph, this year’s Queen’s speech does not include Trump’s visit – it “only contains a reference to welcoming King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain in July.” There was also a report from the Guardian that stated that previously, Trump told U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May that he didn’t want to visit if there would be angry protesters. May had invited Trump to the U.K. after he won the election, however no date was set. And now, that date is being pushed back due to the country’s disdain for America’s president.

In the United Kingdom, Trump is just as hated – if not even more – than he is in the United States. According to a recent poll in the country, Trump is only viewed favorably by 18% of people.

Trump’s unpopularity is unprecedented. He’s not only the most hated man in America, but he’s also turned the entire world against him. He’s literally being banned from other countries because the citizens don’t want him there. It seems that the entire world is now calling for Trump’s impeachment, and every country (besides Russia of course) will rejoice once he is removed from office.

Featured image via Pool / Getty Images