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CNN Defies Trump Administration, Airs The Press Briefing They Wanted To Keep Secret (TWEETS)

Donald Trump and his corrupt administration have been doing everything they possibly can to keep Americans in the dark and control the free press. To help control the narratives of Trump’s many exploding scandals, the Trump administration has been cutting down press briefings and even blacking them out, holding them off camera.

Some networks in the mainstream media have refused to comply with this kind of shadiness, and CNN is at the forefront of this charge. In a stunning act of defiance, CNN aired the full audio of a press briefing that the Trump administration wanted to keep private, when other networks have only had the guts to cover it or will only show portions of the briefing.

Hadas Gold of Politico reported on CNN’s decision to send this big ‘Fuck You’ to Trump and his minions:

 Other networks, such as PBS, have tried to share the briefing with the American public, but have not been successful.

The American people need the free press more than ever, as the Trump administration has proven time and time again that it cannot be trusted for a second (in fact, most Americans trust the mainstream media more than the Trump administration anyway).  No media network should be supporting the White House’s assault on Americans who deserve to be informed, and we’re glad that there are some networks standing up to this madness.

Trump needs to remember that he is not a dictator – he is the president of a democracy, and he works for the American people. Americans need a government that will be held accountable and responds to their concerns. Trump and his administration have proven that they are incapable of doing this, so Americans must look to the free press for answers. Fortunately, the press is delivering.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images