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Sessions Breaks With White House Bigotry In MAJOR Way; Trump Will Be Furious (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s White House is not the most tolerant. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. They have literal white supremacists working there in for the form of Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon, immigration policy maker and head speech writer Stephen Miller, and top adviser Sebastian Gorka. And, of course, we have as Trump’s #2, Mike Pence, one of the most homophobic politicians in the nation. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Trump White House has been absolutely silent on LGBTQ Pride Month.

However, a bit of pushback has come from a surprising place: Trump’s embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions. During an interview on Thursday, Sessions was asked about the White House’s refusal to mention LGBTQ Pride Month. He didn’t speak to that, but he did speak out in support of a Pride event at his own Department of Justice. He said in response to the question:

“We are going to have a pride group in this very room, I think next week I believe it is, and so that’s perfectly appropriate and we will protect and defend and celebrate that — and protect the rights of all transgender persons.”

To top it all off, Gavin Grimm, the incredibly brave 17-year-old boy who took his case for his right to use the facilities that match his gender at school all the way to the Supreme Court, will be honored at this event.

Sessions then went on to address the disturbing trends regarding multiple unsolved murders of transgender people.

“I received a letter expressing concern about the sudden transgender persons who had been killed… and so I, first thing, directed the civil rights division to look into those … to see if there was any uniform attack, or if there was just a uniform hostility that would result in these murders, and to review each one of those cases that were sent to me.”

“And they have done that, and I think it’s possible that they’re going to re-open one and solve it, as a result of that.”

Now, don’t go thinking that Jeff Sessions is going to be some great bastion of hope to push back against Mike Pence’s influence. He won’t. In fact, he was the one who pushed to reverse President Obama’s Executive Order that ordered all schools to allow kids to use the restrooms they are comfortable in. Also, his historical voting record on LGBTQ rights is abysmal. Nonetheless, this is at least some acknowledgement of Pride at the federal level, so that’s something, I guess. We have to hope where we can in these troubled times.

Watch the video of Sessions’ remarks below:

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images