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Google Exec Warns America About Trumpcare With Heartbreaking Personal Story (TWEETS)

Last week, the Senate Republicans unveiled their disastrous health care proposal, and it was absolutely terrifying. This week, the Senate could vote to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a much worse bill that will strip millions of health care coverage, and many are speaking out against this inhumane piece of legislation.

One opponent of Trumpcare should be noted in particular, and that’s Google Ventures Partner Ken Norton, who shared an extremely personal story via Twitter about why the GOP’s plan must be stopped. In a heartbreaking series of tweets, Norton shared with America how his son Riley had passed away in 2004 at the young age of only 11 years old. Riley had been born with a heart defect, which eventually caused the boy to pass on.

Norton shared this story because if it had not been for his company’s insurance policy, Riley might not have been able to live as long as he did. Norton expressed how thankful he had been for the health insurance his family had as he wrote:

“His multiple heart surgeries and hospitalizations rang up more than $3 million in bills, all of which were paid by my insurer. We got 11 ½ years with Riley because the very best doctors in the world did everything they could for him, without regard for cost. We focused on giving him a happy life instead of bankruptcy, GoFundMes, or taking second or third jobs that would take us away from him.”

Thanks to the GOP’s disastrous new health care proposal, people like Riley with pre-existing conditions could be discriminated against and labeled as uninsurable by insurance companies. Norton concluded his tweets by blasting the Republican Party for caring more about getting tax cuts for the rich than saving lives. Norton said:

“I don’t want a tax cut. I want everybody to have what we had. Because we are humans.”

You can read his amazing story below:

1/ I haven’t tweeted much about healthcare because it’s a painful subject for me. But it’s important, so let me tell you my story

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