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Trump’s Presidency Crumbles As New Poll Shows What America Really Thinks Of Him (DETAILS)

Donald Trump hasn’t even gotten through the first year of his presidency and it already looks like it is pretty much doomed beyond recovery.

According to a new ABC News-Washington Post poll, America’s faith in the president that almost nobody wanted has reached a new historic low. In just six months of Trump being in the White House, Trump’s approval rating has dwindled to just 36%. Even worse, 48% of Americans now “strongly disapprove” of the way Trump is performing – not even the combined unpopularity of former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton in their 16 years have ever reached such lows!

This unflattering poll gained even more widespread attention when Trump caught wind of it and fired back on Twitter over the weekend.

Yes, Trump actually said that an ‘almost 40%’ approval rating is ‘not bad.’ WTF?!

The poll contained several other facts that would break Trump’s fragile ego – such as the fact that 52% of Americans said that Trump was trying to impede his Russia investigation. Another 50% also were in favor of keeping Obamacare, a major blow as Trump is putting pressure on Republicans to pass their disastrous replacement plan.

It seems impossible, at this point, that Trump will ever be able to reverse his failing presidency – especially considering that he seems to only be capable of going backwards and making things worse. Trump’s popularity rating has yet to see a rise since he got into the White House, and his deepening Russia scandal is doing a number on his administration’s credibility. More Americans are calling for his impeachment than ever before, and they are aware that they can no longer trust their president.

The only person who fully believes in Trump now is, well, Trump. Even his supporters are losing interest at record speed. With every new poll that is released, Trump reaches a new low.

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