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Fox News Just Trashed Trump For His Failed Presidency And It Was GLORIOUS (TWEETS)

Donald Trump started today off by blasting Republicans for not being able to successfully pass a health care bill to replace Obamacare, not even after whining about the bill for the past seven years. Trump kicked off this attack in a Twitter rant, and continued it in a televised interview.

When Fox News showed Trump speaking about the failed health care bill, things didn’t go as expected. As Fox aired Trump’s pity party about the death of Trumpcare, a certain chyron that the Fox News graphics department created caught everyone’s attention. See if you can spot it:

This chyron in particular, while Trump said how “disappointed” he was about the Republican health care bill’s failure, was the perfect summary of Trump’s presidency so far – and the fact that Fox News was responsible for it makes it even better. The chyron read “Trump: Eventually we will get something done.”

It only took CNN’s Brian Stelter to notice the chyron and share it with his followers before it would go viral:

Pretty much everyone went nuts over it:

Fox News isn’t the only news network that has recently blasted Trump and made fun of him. Recently, MSNBC trashed Trump’s “Made in America” speech by brilliantly pointing out that almost none of the products in Trump’s brand are made domestically.

Trump is going to be absolutely livid once he sees this, as he relies on Fox News to be the only network that will actually lie in his favor and try to make him look good. It seems that not even Fox News can do that now, so prepare for Fox to appear on Trump’s sh*t list as soon as he sees this.

Featured image is a screenshot