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Trump Caught Sneaking Golf Gear Onto Marine One Ride To Military Ceremony (PHOTO)

Trump just can’t help himself.

Even when he’s taking heat for having one of the least productive first 6 months in modern presidential history, he digs the hole deeper by continuing to show Americans that he’d rather be golfing than governing.

First, let’s take stock of where Trump is legislatively:

He’s zero for 10 on his promises. That’s not good. Adding to that, his biggest promise – to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better – has blown up in his face spectacularly. That’s even worse.

So what does Trump do following his 6th month anniversary reminder that he’s a failure: Pack up the golf bags.

The White House heavily promoted Trump’s appearance at a commissioning ceremony for the new USS Gerald R Ford. Trump himself even interrupted what was one of his worst Twitter meltdowns yet to boast of the event.

What wasn’t mentioned was Trump’s golf gear. Luckily reporters caught a few glimpses of Trump’s trademark golf clothes and shoes being hustled into Marine One by a miserable-looking staffer.

Trump’s Virginia golf course is near Norfolk, making his intended plans pretty obvious. After a short speech and a brief meet-and-greet, Trump plans to use this weekend to golf, as he has done on countless others since becoming president.

Naturally, Trump had hoped the world would overlook his latest weekend golf vacation. In his 6 months in office, Trump has repeatedly been caught secretly golfing while publicly saying he wasn’t. Oftentimes, photographic evidence emerges of him hitting the links, while his staff insists he is in “meetings.” It’s all very brazen.

And then there is his August plans. Trump has been silent about it, but aviation experts noticed that he plans to take most of month off to have a 18 day golf vacation at his New Jersey golf course.

Federal Aviation Administration records suggest Trump is planning to go to his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf course from August 3 to 20. The FAA announced temporary flight restrictions in the Bedminster area during that period.

The trip will likely cost taxpayers a fortune while the profits will be directed back into Trump’s personal bank account. (Despite clear violations to the Constitution, Trump has not divested himself from his properties – including his golf courses.)

This is particularly astonishing because a few days ago he demanded Congress not go on vacation until they had found a way to repeal Obamacare. The rules, it seems, do not apply to him.

Featured image via Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images