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Trump Vacation RUINED As He Gets Some Very, VERY Bad News About Russia Scandal

Donald Trump wants America to believe that he is spending most of his time ‘working’ during his long 17-day vacation. However, the images and videos that are surfacing prove quite the opposite. It is appalling that a president with such a historically low approval rating and multiple failures under his belt would think he deserves to take time off, but Trump never ceases to amaze. Fortunately, karma has come back to bite this imbecile in his big orange a**.

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has just delivered some very, VERY bad news about Trump’s Russia scandal. Schiff is stating that the incriminating emails from Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., are just the beginning. According to Schiff, the reason Special Counsel Robert Mueller impaneled a grand jury was because the investigation is taking off and it’s not going to go in Trump’s favor. Schiff said:

“If you look at the context we know from James Comey’s testimony before our committee that he opened a counterintelligence last July. So that means one year later rather than turning that investigation off, rather than concluding we’ve looked at this for a year there’s nothing to see here as the President would claim, instead it’s moving into a new phase with the impaneling of a grand jury, so the special counsel can subpoena witnesses and documents — that wouldn’t be taking place if there was no evidence, no evidentiary basis to move forward.

And of course, we can just see in what’s come out in the last month why that investigation is probably closer to the beginning than the end with these emails about that Don Jr. meeting, three of the top Trump campaign people meeting with representatives of the Russian government effectively who are promising dirt as part of ‘the Russian effort to help your father, to help Donald Trump,’ as well as clear intent by the campaign — Don Jr. saying that he would ‘love’ that kind of help. And now you add on the layer of the President, if these allegations are true, helping to fabricate a false statement about what that meeting was about. I think it is a significant development — not particularly unexpected — and you’re right, you can’t read that this means that indictments are going to follow. But nonetheless, it does mean that the investigation is not only not being turned off but moving into a new phase.”

As expected, the more Trump whines that he is innocent, the more guilty he actually is. The White House continues to state that there is no Russia scandal, but this developing investigation says otherwise. Fortunately, politicians like Schiff are standing up to Trump and sharing with the American people everything that Trump won’t about this.

Surely, this will put a damper on Trump’s vacation. You can watch Schiff deliver this bombshell below:

Featured image via Alex Wong / Getty Images