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Trump Just Attacked A Democrat Over Russia Scandal. His Response Will TERRIFY Trump (TWEETS)

More nervous than ever about his Russia scandal, Donald Trump has been lashing out on Twitter again, even though he has repeatedly said he is “working” while he’s on his 17-day golfing vacation.

Earlier today, Trump wasted away taxpayer dollars by throwing a Twitter fit, this time bullying a Democratic Senator because he dared to talk about Trump’s Russia scandal. Blinded by rage, Trump attacked Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) for several tweets, calling the Russia scandal a “hoax”, and telling his gullible conservative supporters that Blumenthal was a liar.

Blumenthal has responded to Trump’s bullying, and it was absolutely perfect. Sending a strong message that Trump’s bullying tactics were not going to work on him, Blumenthal fired back with six words that will send Trump running: “No one is above the law.”

Anyone who has even a small bit of knowledge about how Trump has conducted his life and career knows that he believes he’s above the law. He doesn’t believe he can be held accountable for any of his crimes – not his phony or unethical business deals, not all the times he’s sexually assaulted women, and definitely not the time he probably colluded with Russia. Now that Trump is POTUS, he thinks he’s even more untouchable.

What Trump needs to learn is that he’s not on reality television anymore. The bullying tactics he used to get ahead in business and on TV don’t actually work with Congress. Lawmakers do not respect Trump, and they are not intimidated by his childish rants and antics.

Blumenthal summed up Trump’s greatest fear perfectly. Telling Trump that “no one is above the law” will probably ruin the rest of Trump’s vacation, considering that he so desperately wants to believe he’ll get away with his corruption. The truth of the matter is, Trump’s days are numbered.

Featured image via Jeff J Mitchell  / Getty Images