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Trump Just Bragged About His Popularity, Gets Put In His Place By SHOCKING GOP Poll (TWEET)

Donald Trump lives in a completely alternative universe than the majority of us. In Trump’s world, his popularity rating is soaring. In reality, his approval rating is historically low and he’s the laziest, worst performing POTUS the country has ever seen. Unfortunately, Trump hasn’t caught on to the facts yet.

Earlier this morning, Trump went on a major Twitter rant, trashing ‘fake news’ networks and bragging about how strong his fan base is, even though it’s clearly dwindling. Trump tweeted:

“Hard to believe that with 24/7 Fake News on CNN, ABC, CBS, NY Times and WAPO, the Trump base is getting stronger! The Trump base is far bigger and stronger than ever before (despite some phony Fake News polling) Look at rallies in Penn, Iowa, Ohio…”

Here’s the thing about Trump’s fan base… support for Trump is actually “dangerously low” – and Republicans are even pointing it out. Trump has just been fact-checked by a right-leaning pollster that states Trump is in big trouble as he heads into next year’s midterms.

Axios reports that new data from GOP firm Firehouse Strategies reveals that Trump’s base is plummeting, even amongst conservatives. Firehouse Strategies’ Alex Conant said:

“Our data shows Trump losing support inside the Republican Party and a noticeable drop in his perceived honesty. Just 6 months in office, Trump is getting into dangerously low territory in key swing states. Trump’s base of support has shrunk from 35.3 percent of voters who have a ‘strongly favorable’ view of him in April to only 28.6 percent.”

Earlier this year, 21% of Republicans had a strongly unfavorable view of Trump. Now, that number is 28%.

Trump is in BIG trouble. He is now so unpopular that it will be impossible for him to turn it around. It won’t be long before even his most stubborn supporters abandon him.

Featured image via Alex Wong / Getty Images