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Trump Pays WH Staffer $89,000 Of Taxpayer Money To Find Good Stories About Him (DETAILS)

Donald Trump’s ego has gotten the better of him time and time again. Despite how much of a strong exterior Trump thinks he’s portraying, the numerous temper tantrums and meltdowns whenever something goes wrong or he is criticized shows the fragility of his true character. There have even been reports of the chaos that reigns in the White House due to Trump’s mood swings, forcing his staffers to spend an enormous amount of energy and time just making sure Trump is in a good mood.

One particular staffer gets paid $89,000 per year just to manage Trump’s mood. It’s just been reported by Politico that Trump is paying 31-year-old Andy Hemming to dig up positive news stories about him. Trump’s approval rating is plummeting even among Republicans, and almost 75% of Americans have zero trust in the Trump administration for basic information. Trump clearly needs Hemming now more than ever.

Trump’s own colleagues have spoken about the importance of Hemming’s job, particularly when it comes to controlling the president. Keeping Trump positive and distracted by good stories about himself means that he’s less likely to throw an incriminating Twitter tantrum, foolishly share misleading information, or humiliate the administration. According to Trump allies, Hemming spends hours upon hours digging for positive news stories on the internet, on radio shows, and television.

Former Trump spokesman Jason Miller commended Hemming on the critical role he plays in Trump’s administration:

“It’s an important role. There’s so much good news that’s coming out of this administration, that we have to continue pushing all of these positive messages ourselves to remind people there’s a lot going on.”

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders said:

“Andy does an incredible job of finding those hidden gems and trying to amplify those positive messages. He’s quick and I would say he has a very good pulse on what’s hot, but also on what wasn’t hot but should be.”

It is absolutely pathetic to have a commander in chief that is so emotionally unstable and disturbed that he needs to waste taxpayer’s money to keep his ego well fed.

Featured image via Drew Angerer  / Getty Images