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Trump Makes New Unhinged Threat To North Korea, This Is Really, REALLY Bad (TWEETS)

Yesterday, Donald Trump solidified the fears of most Americans when he started to threaten North Korea. It was something that many Americans – at least the majority that voted against him – had been afraid of before the election after seeing his lack of mental stability and self control. On Tuesday, Trump started to live up to his trigger-happy reputation, and many of us are now terrified he is going to thrust America into a completely unnecessary war.

Today, things are not looking any better. In fact, Trump’s threats are actually getting worse. He is not backing down, he is doubling down with threats of nuclear arsenal. In his early morning tweets, Trump warned North Korea that U.S. nuclear weapons had been overhauled under his presidency and were now “far stronger and more powerful than ever before.” If you can get past the absolutely infantile nature of Trump’s tweets, what he’s actually saying is pretty terrifying.

These tweets, of course, came after several retweets from his favorite inaccurate show, Fox & Friends.

Trump is currently on vacation Bedminster, New Jersey, where he has been playing golf and tweeting instead of “working” and taking “meetings and calls” like he said he would be doing. It’s pretty clear that Trump isn’t working at all, because he has way too much time on his hands – and it’s greatly compromising America. The White House needs to do something quick to distract Trump from Twitter before he gets us into a nuclear war with North Korea.

This all started yesterday after word broke that North Korea had developed the technology to put a nuclear device on an intercontinental ballistic missile. In response, Trump sent out an ominous “fire and fury” threat to the regime. Today, it’s looking like the situation is just going to get worse. Trump is living up to America’s greatest fears as he becomes completely unhinged.

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