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Trump Goes MENTAL On Vacation, Barks Impossible Orders At Mitch McConnell (TWEET)

Donald Trump has seriously lost it as he continues further into his downward spiral while on his 17-day golfing vacation.

Trump started this vacation by insisting that he would be “working”, despite having a completely open schedule and being caught on camera crashing weddings, golfing, and tweeting his orange a** off. It couldn’t have been more clear that Trump isn’t doing any work at all and now, he has the nerve to yell at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to ‘get back to work.’

In his latest insane Twitter tantrum, Trump once again proves that he has no idea how the government actually works as he barks orders at McConnell. In one tweet, Trump makes three impossible demands of the top Republican: replace Obamacare, pass an infrastructure bill, and pass a tax reform/tax cuts package. Hasn’t he learned anything in his first several months in office?!

Clearly, Trump still thinks he’s on reality television. Trump should be leading this charge, not waiting for Congress to deliver while he plays golf. He’s seriously demanding that Congress passes a bill in three departments where there are no proposals at the moment. McConnell couldn’t possibly get this done quickly – each of these demands would take months to develop and perfect.

Trump should know that the legislative process isn’t so easy, and the failure of the GOP’s health care bill should have been a major lesson to him. But Trump still has no idea what’s going on and continues to place irrational demands and pressure on Congress while blaming others when his unrealistic promises to the American people can’t be delivered.

Trump’s insults and attacks on McConnell and other members of Congress have gotten extremely humiliating – particularly because he is usually aiming at members of his own party. Trump is going to be the death of the GOP, and perhaps they deserve it for electing this imbecile.

Featured image via Mark Wilson  / Getty Images