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Michael Flynn Running Scared, FLEES Paparazzi Asking About Trump’s Impeachment (VIDEO)

No one in the Trump administration, past or present, has any answers to give the American people on the corruption and wrongdoings of the current President of the United States. Donald Trump’s entire administration is riddled with cowards, and a video has just surfaced of one of Trump’s former minions living up to the corrupt White House’s reputation.

On Friday, TMZ caught disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn at an airport, and his behavior was shocking. When a photographer spotted and approached Flynn, asking him if he thought the Russian investigation might be the beginning of a move to impeach Trump, Flynn couldn’t flee the scene fast enough.

Visibly annoyed that he’d been recognized, Flynn insisted that he had “no comments” and told the photographer “please don’t follow me around” the airport. Then, with his bags in hand, Flynn quickly scurried away out of sight. You can watch what happened in the video below:

Flynn was removed from the Trump administration when news broke that he’d lied about discussing sanctions with Russian government officials after Trump won the election. Now that there are several more corrupt details involving other administration officials and Trump’s own family members, Flynn has moved more to the background in Trump’s Russia investigation. Judging from his reaction to being spotted in public, Flynn is more than happy not to be in the spotlight, but he still hasn’t yet regained his dignity.

Featured image is a screenshot