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Trump FURIOUS With Americans As 78% Vote To Keep Obamacare, Plans To Punish Them (DETAILS)

Until Donald Trump became President of the United States, America had never seen so much resistance from its citizens. The protests that erupted across the country reached record numbers, and the passion for refusing to recognize Trump as the leader of the free world is still very much alive.

Americans continue to push against Trump’s disastrous policies and flawed agenda, and one of the most heated topics right now is health care. Despite the fact that Americans are overwhelmingly happy with Obamacare and want no part of Trump and the GOP’s crusade to repeal and replace the health care law, Trump continues to urge lawmakers to work on their own version for a health care bill – even though they’ve already failed several times. And if Trump continues to threaten Americans with his horrible health care bills, he could be in big trouble – it’s just been reported that 78% of Americans want Trump to forget about getting rid of the Affordable Care Act and make it work instead.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation:

“A large share of Americans (78 percent) think President Trump and his administration should do what they can to make the current health care law work while few (17 percent) say they should do what they can to make the law fail so they can replace it later. About half of Republicans and supporters of President Trump say the Trump administration should do what they can to make the law work (52 percent and 51 percent, respectively) while about four in ten say they should do what they can to make the law fail (40 percent and 39 percent, respectively). Moving forward, a majority of the public (60 percent) says President Trump and Republicans in Congress are responsible for any problems with the ACA.”

Trump’s battle against Obamacare has made him an even more unpopular president than he already was – his approval rating plummeted further when he first introduced the GOP’s health care bill, a piece of legislation that would strip millions of Americans of their health care. This also made the popularity of Obamacare skyrocket as Americans feared losing their coverage.

Despite all of this, Trump has been actively trying to sabotage and break Obamacare, punishing Americans for resisting him. By making the law fail, Trump thinks he will be able to push through his agenda with no problem. In reality, he will be basically handing Democrats the White House in the next election.

Featured image via Joe Raedle  / Getty Images