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Trump’s Military Threats To Venezuela Just Got Shut Down By The Pentagon

Last night, Donald Trump ignited a sh*tstorm when he took a break from threatening North Korea with nuclear war and decided to go after Venezuela and threaten the country with military action in a completely uncalled for statement.

In a press conference in New Jersey, Trump interrupted his 17-day golfing vacation to go completely off the rails as he said “Venezuela is not very far away.”:

“We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option, if necessary.”

This was in response to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro calling for a meeting to be set up between himself and Trump for peaceful negotiation. But when asked if the U.S. would respond with force, Trump doubled down on the ‘military option’:

“We don’t talk about it. But a military operation, a military option, is certainly something we could pursue.”

In response, the internet pretty much blew up in outrage, protest, and disgust as Trump appeared more unhinged than ever. Rushing to put out this fire before things got out of hand, the Department of Defense issued a statement to CNN Pentagon Reporter Barbara Starr that put Trump in his place. In the statement, the Pentagon refuted the claim that the United States was preparing to go to war against Venezuela, however the Department of Defense made the whole thing look like it was Maduro’s fault instead of Trump’s irresponsible, erratic comments. The Pentagon said:

“Any insinuations by the Maduro regime that we are planning an invasion are baseless.”

While it’s cowardly that the Department of Defense wouldn’t hold Trump accountable for the chaos, perhaps it’s best when it comes to deescalating the situation and soothing the trigger happy child in the White House. Someone needs to remind Trump that he’s not a dictator, and that relations with other countries are far more complex than his little brain can handle.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla  / Getty Images