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Alec Baldwin Returns To SNL To DESTROY Trump On Puerto Rico, This Is Perfect (VIDEO)

Now that Saturday Night Live is back for its 43rd season, you can bank on Donald Trump having more Twitter meltdowns than ever before – especially after seeing what happened on the show last night.

Last night, Alec Baldwin returned to do his amazing impersonation of Trump (which Trump clearly hates with a passion) and it was more brutal than ever. Baldwin and the cast of SNL absolutely trashed Trump for his disgusting response to the disaster in Puerto Rico and for turning his back on the US citizens in need.

During the show, Baldwin’s “Trump” comes back to the White House after golfing in New Jersey, and he takes a call from Carmen Yulin Cruz, the mayor of Puerto Rico. Trump assures the “mayor” that aid will be given to Puerto Rico sometimes next week, and Cruz pushes back and says Puerto Rico needs more help. This is when Trump proves how heartless he is by bringing up Puerto Rico’s debt. In true Trump fashion, he says:

“Well, you should’ve paid you bills.”

And when Cruz begs for help again, Trump hangs up on her and calls her “nasty.”

Then it gets worse. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tells Trump that the situation will only get worse, and Trump instead continues to talk about his obsession with the NFL players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem. Basically, throughout the episode Trump does everything BUT help Puerto Rico – which is an incredibly accurate depiction of what happened in real life. You can watch the cold open below:

Once again, Baldwin nailed it. Watch out for Trump’s Twitter account, because he’s definitely going to have a colossal meltdown over this – and we bet Baldwin is ready for it.

Featured image via Drew Angerer and Michael Loccisano / Getty Images