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Fox News Analyst Turns His Back On The GOP; Calls For Stricter Gun Laws (VIDEO)

The Republican Party has become such a disaster and made such a mess of their own agenda that even die-hard conservatives are abandoning the party and pushing back on its misguided principles. Unfortunately for the GOP, this is all happening very publicly, and it’s causing the party a major amount of embarrassment.

Earlier today on national television, Fox News strategic analyst Ralph Peters turned his back on the Republican Party and spoke against the GOP’s relaxed approach to guns after the horrendous shooting in Las Vegas, which left at least 58 dead and over 500 wounded. Peters said that “the Founding Fathers didn’t want every juiced-up psycho to have a machine gun collection.” He also killed the GOP’s argument that giving citizens their own guns to defend themselves would have only made things worse. He said:

“The idea that an armed crowd would’ve made a difference — if it made any difference, it would’ve been worse. And I am a gun owner. I will always be a gun owner.”

“But the Founding Fathers didn’t want every juiced-up psycho to have a machine gun collection. We need to look at what kind of weapons they had — clearly, this guy had military-grade weapons — and where he got them. Because automatic rifles are illegal for the average citizen to own.

“So, we need to look at that. But when I listen to those tapes, what really chilled me was the volume of fire he was putting out. And it sounded, I mean to me, even if you have an extended clip that’s usually 30 rounds max, I was listening to bursts that were more than 30 rounds.”

Peters estimates that over 1,000 rounds might have been fired into the crowd of 22,000+. Peters put pressure on the GOP to do something useful to help make America safer:

“He had multiple weapons. I mean, this should not have happened, but as you just noted, Stuart, how could we have prevented it?”


You can water Peters rip the GOP below:

Featured image via Andrew Burton / Getty Images