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Trump Exploits Las Vegas Shooting Tragedy In DISGUSTING Publicity Stunt For Ratings (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has once again set a new low for even his own behavior. Proving that he cares more about his ratings and how he appears on television more than the actual American citizens that he and the Republican Party have let down with their relaxed approach to gun control, Trump used a moment of silence for the lives lost in the Las Vegas shooting as a publicity stunt.

That’s right – Trump doesn’t plan on doing a damn thing about gun laws or making America a safer place, even though it couldn’t be more clear that guns are getting into the hands of the wrong people. Trump took a moment of silence for the victims, but he didn’t mean a second of it. It was done just for the media and the ratings as the cameras rolled. If you really examine how Trump has actually responded to the Las Vegas shooting, it’s easy to see that he isn’t going to change gun policy at all.

Trump’s response was just as pathetic as his response to everything else. He called the gunman “evil” and spewed some scripture in a half-ass attempt to make himself more popular. What Trump really cares about, at the end of the day, is what the cable news is going to say about him as he binge watches news about himself.

Trump’s reaction to the shooting doesn’t do the victims justice, or provide America with any hope that this will somehow get better – especially with Trump in the White House. I mean, when you have a POTUS that responds to a shooting with a moment of silence and nothing else, it’s clear that things are going terribly wrong.

Featured image via Justin Sullivan