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Trump Refuses To Show Empathy For Vegas Shooting; Awkwardly Reads Off A Script (VIDEO)

When Donald Trump goes off script, transcribing him can be a challenge–especially when he’s speaking off the cuff, his rambling remarks can be full of digressions and comments that are hard to follow. He often jumps to an entirely new thought before finishing his previous one.

That is totally understandable when he’s giving a speech about a topic he has no idea how to cover (which appears to be a lot) but when visiting Las Vegas, a state that has just endured the country’s worst mass shooting in modern history,  a script should not even be provided–speaking from the heart to the victims and those who have lost loved ones is what matters most, but of course, Trump couldn’t even manage to do that.

Not only that, but the so-called president awkwardly stood there just reading off a script provided for him while offering no emotional support whatsoever.

Watch Trump’s speech, below:

On the contrary, Trump’s lack of empathy shouldn’t come as a surprise. The previous day’s tone-deaf visit to Puerto Rico, in which he joked that the island’s hurricane devastation had messed with his budget, shot out  rolls of paper towels at locals from a church relief-distribution center as if they were basketballs, and handed out flashlights which he claimed they don’t need any more, even though more than 80% of the island is still without power. This performance from Trump is more proof that he doesn’t have a kind bone in his body.




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