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Major US State Makes Unprecedented Move Against Trump; More States To Follow

In defiance of Trump’s supposed dedication to eradicating sanctuary cities, California signed a “sanctuary state” legislation created to undermined deportation orders – orders that have been riddled with mistakes, corruption, or just straight up confusion.

About Senate Bill 54

California’s governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 54 into existence, placing new limitations on local law enforcement’s ability to aid the federal government in enforcing deportations and immigration violations. Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León introduced the bill after the 2016 election to help undermine President Donald Trump’s promise to empower deportation efforts. Senate Bill 54 takes effect in January 2018, and has been supported mainly by majority Democrats in the California Legislature to help protect the 2.3 million immigrants that reside illegally in the state.

Senate Bill 54 was a part of almost a dozen bills that Brown signed, with other bills prohibiting landlords from deporting undocumented renters, employers in California’s bar industry from authorizing workplace raids by federal enforcement officials, and another measure that enables students of deported parents to continue attending in-state schools.

Trump Administration May Challenge Senate Bill 54

The Trump administration may challenge the new law in court. If Senate Bill 54 survives court scrutiny, it will lead the way for other states to enact similar laws. California has spearheaded the nation’s initiative to protect immigrants from President Trump’s deportation efforts.

President Trump has continuously reiterated that he will cut federal funding for sanctuary cities throughout his campaign. If cutting off funding doesn’t cause sanctuary cities to act appropriately, he will shame them by creating a list of unlawful actions committed by unauthorized immigrants. Unfortunately for him, data shows that unauthorized immigrants are less likely to commit crimes or be incarcerated than American-born citizens.

Do you think Senate Bill 54 will survive the Trump administration?

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