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Ivanka Trump Tries To Discuss Education And Fails; Twitter Makes Her Eat Her Words

Trump’s privileged daughter, Ivanka Trump, who is in the midst of a series of recent reports that say show credibility issues, believes that she is suddenly an expert on education.

The former handbag designer outlined her grand plan for the future of technology education. In brief, the plan involves the Trump administration throwing a lot of money at various public and private organizations, Ivanka making appearances with tech executives at charter schools. Ivanka’s column comes almost two weeks after President Trump directed the Education Department to spend $200 million annually on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). This was a surprising move, since Hillary Clinton made a similar promise during her 2016 presidential campaign, and Trump has historically ignored the issue. Now that her daughter wants to be involved, the president is all for her taking over.

Ivanka stated that tech in education was part of her “White House portfolio,”even though she has no prior expertise in either tech or education.

With that being said, the internet had a field day with her remarks:

The truth of the matter is Ivanka is  not an elected official and doesn’t obtain the proper knowledge and requirements  to be in the White House, much less talk about expanding education. Isn’t that what Betsy DeVos was hired to do? Oh wait, she’s too busy racking up security costs because her policies are so beyond ridiculous that she’s receiving death threats. Go figure. As for Ivanka, she needs to just stick to her private emails and continue to be complicit.




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