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Trump Launches Early Morning Twitter Rant; Goes On Full Attack Against Media


There are 40 million people following President Donald Trump’s twitter feed daily. Not particularly because they’re interested to see what he has to say, or that he imparts such wisdom that they need to follow his tweets like gospel. No… most people following Trump are in it for the laugh value, as he routinely tweets some of the most insane stuff on the internet. And of course, the people commenting under his tweets are hilarious.

Trump was apparently having nightmares about “Fake News.” Ever since becoming a candidate for the presidency, Trump has tweeted missives about all the news programs being “Fake News” whenever they report negatively on him. He has a terrible inability to deal with the truth that people don’t like him.

When he sends tweets like the one that went out this morning, it causes sane people to wonder what on earth he is trying to distract us from now. What is the Senate Intel Committee getting ready to delve into that has him trying to preemptively strike out to deflect their attention?

Trump’s attacks on news serve a purpose. If you study history, discrediting news agencies and getting people to rely on propaganda until they aren’t sure what to believe is a common tactic used in dictatorial regimes. It is how insane leaders get people to go along with atrocious things. So why does Trump insist on telling us that news agencies are now telling us nothing but lies and the only “real” news out there is the one station (Fox News) that has consistently scored the lowest in “truth in reporting” studies?

It is good to see that people aren’t buying what Trump is selling. There is hope for our country yet.

As we follow what our Twitiot-in-Chief does from day to day, we see a mind that is very unsettled (no, we don’t have a degree in psychiatry, but do we really need it?). He shifts from topic to topic with no seeming direction except to deflect people from seeing what is really happening. His lies will eventually fold in on themselves, as he has demonstrated on many occasions.

People search the archives to expose the lies that Trump tells, or sometimes just to poke fun at him. To quote former U.S. Representative John Dingell (D-MI), “There’s a damn tweet for everything.” Dingell may be retired, but he is still plugged in and much more humorous than Trump.

Featured image from SS&SS via Flickr available in the Public Domain