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White House Ordered To Take Away Ivanka And Jared’s Security Clearance; They Are Done

To handle responsibility in a government office, you need to earn it, especially if it involves national security. The only reason Ivanka and her husband got a job in the White House is because of pure nepotism.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the couple is accused of using private emails to conduct White House business. Since it’s a violation of ethics, two House Democrats Don Beyer and Ted Lieu asked White House counsel Don McGahn to revoke the couple’s security clearance.

Beyer and Lieu wrote, “Recent press investigations highlight severe credibility issues with Ivanka Trump, a White House official, close advisor, and daughter to the President. The White House is conducting an investigation into the disturbing actions of Ms. Trump, Mr. Kushner, and others.”

They added, “These new revelations, along with the ongoing White House probe of Ms. Trump’s private email use, have compromised Ms. Trump’s integrity and credibility. We are requesting that the White House immediately revoke her security clearance pending an investigation into her actions,”

After the violation of the code of conduct, McGahn initiated an inquiry against other White House officials as well.

The Democrats also presented a report showing both Ivanka and Jared were fined $200 each for submitting financial disclosure forms late.

McGahn is also reminded the White House of a report detailing Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. allegedly conspired fraud in 2012. They tried to dupe prospective buyers for their father’s business.

Ivanka and Jared are as shady as her daddy.


Image Courtesy: Getty Images