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ACLU Promises To Sue Trump For His Latest Act Of Indecency Against Women

When the pervert-in-chief was elected the president last year, it was perhaps the worst thing that could happen to women. Misogynist Trump’s war against females involved changing every Obama-era policy that could benefit them. While the list of ways the Trump government is harming women is huge, his latest contribution was to roll back their access to free birth control.

Disgusting Trump ordered that colleges, health insurance companies and employers could remove birth control from their health insurance plans on “moral or religious grounds.” This means most employers (especially the conservative one) would remove the provisions for sure.

In response, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) and other groups have promised to sue the president. The attorney from ACLU Brigitte Amiri said that the rule “basically gives broad license to employers to discriminate against their employees and withhold a benefit guaranteed by law.”

Amiri added, “We will challenge both rules as being blatantly unconstitutional. They both violate the separation of church and state and also discriminate against women by allowing employers to withhold a benefit that is guaranteed by law.”

The American constitution guarantees both equality and separation of religion and the state. Thus, the changes Trump suggested are unconstitutional. ACLU argues that the provisions violate the constitution by “authorizing and promoting religiously motivated and other discrimination against women seeking reproductive health care.”

Fatima Goss Graves from NWLC said, “By taking away women’s access to no-cost birth control coverage, the rules give employers a license to discriminate against women. We will take immediate legal steps to block these unfair and discriminatory rules.”

The pro-life policy advocated by Republicans is ridiculous. They don’t want women to access birth control. If they get pregnant, they won’t allow then to terminate the pregnancy. However, once the child is born, they hold responsibility towards the person.


Image Courtesy: Getty Images