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Trump and Melania Disrespected The White House Yet Again; They Don’t Deserve To Be There (VIDEO)

Back in February, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump met with the wife of a former opposition prisoner from Venezuela. In an awkward attempt to sympathize with the prisoner, Melania – who famously postponed her move to the White House – compared living in the White House to the experiences of Leopoldo Lopez’s prison time.

Lilian Tintori was visiting the White House to discuss the complex issue of human rights in Venezuela. For some, her husband was a political prisoner who was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2015 on amplified charges related to several anti-government protests throughout 2014.

The Trump’s Awkward Comment

During the visit, Trump seemed a bit clueless when it came to Tintori and her experiences. Evidently, he knew enough to have praised her for her involvement in Venezuela’s version of Survivor.

During a 40 minute meeting, Tintori was faced with an interesting comment by Melania, who was in the room. Melania tried to sympathize with Tintori, saying that the conditions that her husband had to deal with in jail in Caracas were similar to her experience being in the White House, noting that it often felt like she was confined in prison – a point that President Trump agreed with. As the meeting concluded, President Trump directed the group for a photo op, including vice president Mike Pence and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who was an ally of Tintori and her husband’s initiatives. After several photos were taken – and after more had to be retaken due to President Trump’s dissatisfaction – President Trump posted one to his Twitter account.

Currently, Melania Trump denies her words juxtaposing a Venezuelan prison to living in the White House. Instead, she apparently shared words of “encouragement and strength.” Regardless of what Melania Trump may or may not have said, Tintori has been reportedly thrilled with her meeting with the president and the First Lady, as Trump actively condemned the current Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro and his administration.

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