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Stephen King Says He May Star Vice President Pence In His Next Horror Movie

Not quite the Donald Trump fan, horror legend and Trump adversary Stephen King made an intriguing observation on Vice President Mike Pence’s hair. In a tweet released this evening, King wrote “Mike Pence looks like a soap opera villain – the untrustworthy doctor with a roving eye. It’s the hair. And that always stern expression.”

Pence is King’s latest victim of jokes and word plays. Last year he compared then runner-up Trump to Cthulhu, an identity that looks like something between an anthropoid human-squid hybrid with rudimentary wings. After that tweet, @cthulhu4america was born, and has since ridden the wave caused by King’s tweet, with t-shirts and mugs for dedicated Cthulhu fans.

Is Pence starring in King’s latest horror movie? What other mythological hybrid beast monster does Pence – or other people in the Trump administration – look like?