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Watergate Legend Drops Bombshell About GOP And Future Of Trump’s Presidency (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s disastrous leadership is taking a toll on the entire country – even the very people who wanted him in office.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Carl Bernstein has just dropped a major bombshell on just how horribly Trump’s presidency is going, and how his biggest supporters are turning their backs on him. In an interview on CNN’s New Day, Bernstein was brutally honest as he said the Trump administration was “unlike anything I have seen in 50 years in Washington”. During the discussion, it was mentioned that Republicans are finally feeling that “the wheels are coming off this presidency.” Bernstein added:

“In the White House, there is an attempt by those closest to the President — especially [Chief of Staff John] Kelly, especially the military leaders — to try to constrain the president from his own inclinations to say wild things, to act irresponsibly. It’s almost as if there’s a protectorate around the President.”

“He’s constantly complaining, going into rages about the investigation, about disloyalty among his aides. It’s an extraordinary situation. Unlike anything I have seen in 50 years in Washington.”

Bernstein noted that the “big story right now” is that many top Republican members of congress, military leaders, and members of the intelligence community “have lost confidence in this president.”

“They doubt his fitness to be president, they doubt his competence, they’re worried that he has to be restrained and constrained by these military leaders.”

And thanks to Trump’s incompetence, the military now has more control than ever over the erratic POTUS. Bernstein said:

“Remember, George Washington resigned his commission so we could have civilian control of the military, and now we have military control of the presidency. This is not quite what our system was meant to do.”

Bernstein continued to slam Trump, stating that “this president is the president of his base.”

“Our allies are dismayed by the conduct of this president.

“We’ve never seen this kind of chaos in a presidency before. This is different because it goes to the character and competence — a feeling that the president of the United States, including among those on the White House staff, may be unfit to hold the office.”

Bernstein also revealed that behind closed doors, Republicans have admitted “we are in a dangerous situation in this country.”

“They are worried that we have a president of the United States who is really not stable in terms of the occupying the office and exercising the powers of the presidency. It is an extraordinary situation and that’s the real story.”

You can watch Bernstein’s interview below:

If Republicans are now openly questioning Trump’s ability to be POTUS, hopefully this means America won’t have to endure a full term of him.

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