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Restaurant Writes Belligerent Pro-Trump Post But Its Customers Let Them Have It

The restaurant owners of Cup It Up American Grill has been answered by the local community after they wrote a Facebook post that was fragrantly pro-President Trump. Located in Tucson, AZ, owners Christopher Smith and Jay Warren faced such backlash, that it resulted in a partner withdrawing from the business.

The Facebook page for Cup it Up American Grill posted that they are “100 percent” behind President Trump, standing up for the anthem, and drug screening welfare recipients – even though studies have shown that screenings are just a waste of tax dollars. In the second set of bulleted lists, the owners listed what they don’t believe in – including “Armed Forces and first responders”, and those who don’t support the president.

Cup it Up American Grill Patrons Respond

Patrons of Cup It Up American Grill quickly inundated the Facebook post and Yelp page with angry responses. Several countered that patrons should avoid the place, and that they felt “bad for the servers, the owner has thrown them under the bus by becoming political online.” Some of the responders tacked the owners as advocates for hate.

The post was taken down within three hours. However, the damage was already done. The owners had to remove the Facebook page in its entirety; not before their rating went from 4.9 to a 2. Julian Alarcon, Cut It up American Grill’s partner, decided to submit his resignation papers on Saturday to legally untangle himself from the mess.

Forgetful Republican Responds

Pima County Republican Party Ana Henderson posted a supportive message on Facebook, saying that those who “hate and disparage freedom” must not be heard louder than Smith and Warren. However, when Pima County Republican Party was reached for further comment, a representative said that they’ve never heard of her comments and they were completely unaware of the controversy.

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