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Trump Unleashes Morning Rant; This Time Attacks Comedians

Yesterday President Donald Trump returned from a break of more than 24 hours of not tweeting with a barrage of nonsense bouncing from subject to subject like a toddler with too many toys. He took pokes at network news, again proclaiming them to be “Fake News,” which has been a constant battle cry for the whiner-in-chief. He also declared comedy stations to be unfair because they make fun of him.

Today he is erroneously claiming that more people are joining him in his call for equal time.

What he doesn’t realize is that Republicans already dominate the airways — occupying at least 60 percent of all programming. Granted, much of that is negative toward them, but Democrats just don’t seem to do as much stupid stuff.

I mean – there IS Harvey Weinstein, but he isn’t a politician — he is just a political donor. To declare that the Dems must denounce him and talk bad about him? Did the Republicans denounce and talk bad about the #pussygrabber? No, they elected him president. So, really, why bother about Weinstein? Yeah, he’s a creep — but he isn’t the president. The folks over at Jezebel did a piece on his history. Nowhere in there does it say he is a politician running for or holding a public office. He is just a donor to the Democratic party.

Incidentally, most of the people that have received donations from him are returning them in an act of good faith. Money talks, and they’re telling Weinstein to take a hike. Did Republicans return donations from Trump when the pussy tape emerged a year ago? No, they celebrated his “locker room talk” and patted him on the back for saying what they were all thinking. Unfiltered Trump — we need more of that, right?

In the past, we had a thing called the Fairness Doctrine. That went away under Reagan. They did try to resurrect it during the George W. Bush and Obama administrations, but it never materialized. So now politicians have unfettered access to air time. Since then it has pretty much been a free-for-all. Then there was the whole Citizens United ruling in 2011 that unleashed the damn and allowed all kinds of tomfoolery on the airwaves.

But, no matter how you slice it — if Trump is upset about COMEDY shows making fun of him — the problem is his and not a legal matter, even if we did still have the Fairness Doctrine. Comedy is covered under parody and satire in the record books and no limits are placed on the amount of time they can devote to making fun of people that do dumb stuff.

Our recommendation to little Donnie — either change the channel and don’t watch it; get thicker skin and learn to laugh along with us; or QUIT DOING STUPID STUFF that comedians can make fun of.

Featured image from Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA 2.0