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Trump’s Racism On Full Display As He Compliments Las Vegas Massacre Gunman (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s interview with former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has just been released, and it revealed some truly troubling statements from the President of the United States.

Although it should be no surprise that Trump would say something inappropriate and offensive, the Tweeter in Chief actually outdid himself this time when he bashed the major of San Juan, Puerto Rico – and praised the gunman responsible for the Las Vegas massacre, the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.

One of the first questions Huckabee asked Trump was regarding his disastrous response to Puerto Rico, which led to Trump attacking Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz. Over the last several days, Trump has repeatedly attacked Cruz on Twitter as she begged him to help and take action to save those who were dying after the damage of Hurricane Maria. Despite the fact that he had completely turned his back on Puerto Rico while Cruz was actually on the ground saving people, Trump said that Cruz was “not a capable person.” He said:

“We have the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, who didn’t attend meetings, who didn’t work with FEMA, who really did not do a very good job — in fact, did a very poor job. And she was the lone voice that we saw — and of course that’s the only voice the media wanted to talk to, and she’s running for governor, big surprise.”

In stark contrast, Trump took a very different attitude when he spoke about the Las Vegas gunman – he actually praised the man who left 58 people dead and hundreds wounded. In a statement he never would have made if the gunman had not been white, Trump openly expressed how impressed he was with the gunman’s intelligence:

“This was a sick person, but probably smart. And he had cameras, but (police) got there so quickly, and they really did — and they have to be given credit.”

It’s truly hard to believe Trump could be any more offensive than this. You can watch his disgusting comments below:

Featured image via Pool / Getty Images