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New Reuters Poll Shows Regret Among Trump Supporters; Not Looking Good For Trump

Morgan County in rural Ohio supported Trump heavily in the 2016 election. The county is now experiencing a swath of “buyer’s remorse” as the year unfolds and the real Doanld Trump is being revealed to voters that didn’t do much initial background research before voting.

Jim Wilson, one of those voters, is a retired banker who expressed his unhappiness with “infighting and turnover in the White House.” Wilson is distressed about the number of trips Trump takes to his personal properties and golf resorts. He is concerned with health care and wishes Trump would do more to fix it. He also worries about immigrants, and thinks that trump might dial back on his promise to rid the country of them. Wilson said:

Every president makes mistakes. But if you add one on top of one, on top of another one, on top of another, there’s just a limit.

In the most recent Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll, the president seems to be losing support in the small towns and rural areas that carried him to victory last year. A full 15 percent of the nation’s population resides in rural areas, and the poll of more than 15,000 voting adults in “non-metro” areas revealed that those voters are just “as likely to disapprove of Trump as they are to approve of him.”

When Trump first took office, his approval rating in non-metro areas was 55 percent, with a disapproval rating of 39 percent. In the September rankings, those numbers have leveled off at 47 percent approval to 47 percent disapproval. The current even odds don’t look good for Trump moving forward. From Reuters:

And while Trump still gets relatively high marks in the poll for his handling of the economy and national security, rural Americans are increasingly unhappy with Trump’s record on immigration, a central part of his presidential campaign.

When answering interview questions from Reuters, the people who took the poll gave many reasons for their dissatisfaction, mostly about the president’s immigration issues. Some are tired of waiting on the infamous wall along the Mexican border (hopefully we won’t ever see that constructed). Some respondents are not entirely comfortable with the travel bans and restricting travel into the country from abroad.

Drew Carlson, 19, Warrensburg, Missouri, took the poll and stated:

There should be some sort of compromise between a free flow of people over the border and something that’s more controlled.

Carlson added that Trump’s “constant fixation on deportation is a little bit unsettling to me.”

If this poll is an accurate representation of rural America, Trump may well be losing the base that propelled him into the White House last November. If that happens, there won’t be much hope for his re-election in 2020 — if he actually makes it through his first scandal-ridden term.

Featured image from Gage Skidmore via Flickr under CC BY-SA 2.0