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Trump Invented A Word; You May See It In Your Dictionary Soon

President Trump has apparently invented the word “fake.” During an interview on the Christian channel Trinity Broadcasting, President Trump suggested that he made up the term – all while lambasting the media for its coverage of Puerto Rico and hurricane relief efforts – or lack thereof.

In the interview, President Trump also defended his decision to call the paper towels that he threw at Puerto Ricans as “beautiful, soft towels.” Many people thought that President Trump throwing towels at affected people was dehumanizing and not president-like.

In his interview with Mike Huckabee, President Trump noted that he thinks that “one of the greatest of all terms” that he has come up with is “fake.” He also noticed that some people may or may not have used in the past, but he’s never noticed it.

An Interview for the Ages

Not only was it strange for a man like Trump to be on a Christian channel, but the context of the interview is brought into question. President Trump has largely abandoned one-on-one interviews with accredited reporters, choosing instead to rely on conservative media outlets and personalities. Since his inauguration, President Trump has done more than a dozen interviews with Fox News, two with Christian networks, and one interview with CBS, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC. Last time he sat down for an interview with a non-conservative host was five months ago, when he sat down with NBC’s Lester Holt.

Expect “fake” to be in your nearest dictionary soon.

Featured image via screen grab.