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Trump Just Went On Twitter And Started War With North Korea; We Are Doomed

The president of the United States is busily reshaping how our nation does stuff. Rather than bother with all the conventional means that have worked since 1776 (you know, like Congress and following laws and whatnot), Donald Trump wants the country to use Twitter to shape policy and dictate how the world does things.

Point in case. Yesterday he and Vice President Mike Pence cooked up a publicity stunt to drag our attention away from the ongoing scandals plaguing the Trump administration. They sent Pence and his wife to a football game just so that Pence could cause a scene and storm out of the stadium when the San Francisco 49ers took a knee during the national anthem. It took the media less than an hour to uncover the proof that the entire trip had been nothing more than a publicity stunt… and then Trump verified their suspicions by tweeting:

The sum total of expenditures for that little jaunt, according to CNN, was $242,000 — our tax dollars. Poof. For a publicity stunt. Today, Trump put out another lie on Twitter saying that Pence was “receiving great praise” for the stunt. We’re not sure who is doing the praising, other than Trump:

While he is busy playing games with our tax money to distract us, Trump also seems to be busy trying to start World War III with North Korea by tweeting veiled threats and personal digs toward Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

We haven’t been “at war” with North Korea since┬áJuly 27, 1953 — that would be recorded as a pretty successful deployment of a peace treaty by any sane person. But Trump seems determined to pick a fight with the almost equally thin-skinned North Korean leader to provoke Kim into striking first so that Trump can unleash retaliatory strikes against the small nation.

Congress, meanwhile, becomes more convinced that Trump’s aggressive behavior and unpredictability is leading the country to disaster, but the only person voicing that thought is retiring Senator Bob Corker, who gave a blistering account of Trump’s actions during an interview with The New York Times. Corker is determined that Trump is going to start World War III with his “Twitter fingers.”

It begs the question:

How much longer will Congress let this erratic behavior continue before they do their job and start proceedings to save our nation from the parasite that is eating us alive from within the White House?

Featured image from Twitter