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New York Times SLAMS Trump — With A Recorded Transcript And It’s Brilliant

President Donald Trump is constantly tweeting missives that allow us insight into the type of vindictive and spiteful person he really is. This morning was no exception. He started his day by tweeting about the National Football League (NFL) and his battle with players over kneeling during the national anthem. He made accusations that Dems don’t care about immigration problems. He threatened to make health care so good with the power of his mighty pen (cough…gasp). And he ended his morning constitutional by calling out ESPN sportscaster Jemele Hill, again.

A few hours later, he must have gotten wind of the Senator Bob Corker interview that we all read about yesterday, because he sent out this liddle’ ditty:

Trump thinks he is being clever, because Corker really is SHORT in a huge way. We’re not sure, though, if it was an intentional misspelling or if Trump really didn’t remember how to spell “little.” Trump claimed that Corker was “set up” and that the Times somehow tricked him into saying what he did.

Clifford Levy, Deputy Managing Editor at The (Failing – must not forget the Failing) New York Times, quickly set the record straight:

What was that noise? Oh, nothing. That was just Trump’s fragile liddle’ ego bursting. Not only did Levy back up his claim by saying that Corker was aware that the interview was being recorded — he provided a transcript AND AUDIO of the recordings, where Corker very clearly acknowledges the fact that he is aware the interview is on the record.

Facts, something Trump seems to avoid like the plague.

Check out these excerpts from the recorded interview with Corker:

CORKER: “So but, what I am saying. But obviously, what happens, the thing that is different, if I’m running in a Republican primary, you know obviously you end up being constrained. But, I just, if you could, I’m not asking any different than I have the entire 10 years and eight months that I have been in office. You know, and one of the reasons, the main reason was the statement that I made. You know, I told people, I didn’t intend to serve more than two terms, that’s been a really big drag on me.

“But in addition to that, the other part of our statement was true that the next 15 months we believe to be the most important time of our service and to be constrained by looking over your shoulder with some winger running against you, you know, let’s face it that impedes your ability to serve. So I just — again, I haven’t like changed course I just don’t have the worry.

“I actually can continue over the next 15 months being the same senator that I’ve been. So, sure, I mean the president concerns me. I mean there’s no question. And, I like him. O.K., I enjoyed playing golf with him, you know, he’s a very courteous kind person. It’s not that I dislike him.”

CORKER: “I know for a fact that every single day at the White House it’s a situation of trying to contain him.”

CORKER: “I mean, you’ve talked to enough people to know that that’s just a fact. So, thankfully we’ve got some very good people there. At least today, we’ve got some very good people there and they have been able to push back against his worst instincts.”

CORKER: “But yes, I mean, you know, yes. He concerns me. I mean he would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation. But a lot people that — Let me put it this way, I think that — So I’ll just stop there. Sure, I mean, do I want him to be successful? Absolutely.”

The interview was recorded and is available below:

Featured image from U.S. Embassy Moldova via Flickr under CC BY-ND 2.0