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NRA Attacks SNL For Using Their 1st Amendment Right To Oppose Guns (VIDEO)

Dana Loesch, a spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association, condemned celebrities for utilizing their First Amendment right to free speech to speak out against guns after the recent massacre in Las Vegas. During a televised appearance on Fox and Friends, Loesch accused Saturday Night Live of being hypocrites after the comedic platform supported gun safety laws.

Loesch is not interested in any sort of gun safety initiatives or advice from SNL, since they “don’t even own them or have never even fired them.” Steve Doocy, the Fox News host interviewing Loesch, was in disbelief that proponents for gun control had expressed outrage at the amount of artillery that the Las Vegas shooter had in his possession, with the host asking “what is the correct number of guns?” He suggested that gun control proponents want people to have no guns.

This triggered Loesch.

She was curious as to how guns would be confiscated in the first place, since she thinks that you would need someone equipped with a firearm to go door to door all over the United States to seize said firearms. Loesch made an interesting point of saying that “evil lives among us and I’ve said this before, it’s real.”

Straw Man Arguments and Half-Truths

She brought up another point that tends to be brought up by Second Amendment activists, questioning how one can be against guns but still want security. At one point during the interview, Loesch accused SNL comedians of using armed guards, which is apparently a point of hypocrisy for Loesch.

Loesch is promoting this long-held, but inaccurate belief that Democrats – and by large people on the left side of the political spectrum – wants to confiscate all guns and enact tyranny. In reality, commonsense gun laws can help restrict the sale of firearms to those who shouldn’t have them in the first place.

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