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Trump’s Latest Approval Ratings Are In And It Shows Something We Have Never Seen Before

A fairly large new poll released by Morning Consult on Tuesday reveals that President Donald Trump’s latest approval rating has dropped in all 50 states.

The poll, which surveyed 472,000 registered voters between January and September, also found a 19-point drop in Trump’s net approval ratings nationwide. Evidently, Trump has failed to improve his standings among voters in states that fully supported him.

According to the Morning Consult poll, Trump’s national net rating has dropped 19 points since January. The deep-red states that essentially helped him win the election including: Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky, his approval rating has fallen by 20 points. A majority of voters in 25 states along with Washington, D.C., say they disapprove of Trump’s presidential performance as of September.

The sheer size of the president’s negative approval swings also suggests that in some states, independents and Democrats may be starting to coalesce into one voting bloc.

From January to September, the share of Republicans who strongly approve of Trump declined by 10 points, from 53 percent to 43 percent. Meanwhile, the intensity of disapproval among Democrats and independents has risen. Seventy-one percent of Democrats said they strongly disapproved of Trump in September, up 16 points from January, and among independents, there was an 11-point bump in strong disapproval, from 26 percent to 37 percent.


And in Washington, typically positive approval ratings translate into political clout on Capitol Hill, the poll bodes poorly for the White House.

The so-called president has yet to respond to his latest popularity poll, but historically he hasn’t taken well to them.  In a series of tweets, Trump referred to his poor approval ratings as a result of “phony fake news polling,” while arguing that his clan of  Trump supporters were stronger than ever. It’s quite difficult for a man like Trump to accept defeat, but unfortunately for him, numbers do not lie. His latest approval rating proves that even his own supporters are starting to question his legitimacy.



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