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White House Members Reveal What Trump Is Really Like Day To Day And It’s Terrifying

Many of Donald Trump’s most recent feuds have most recent feuds, Twitter wars, and public attacks have pitted the president against critics — a handful of whom are from his own staff, a White House insider  who interviewed by The Washington Post said in a report.

One of the allies close to Trump compared him to  a ‘pressure cooker’ and

A person close to Trump likened the president to a “pressure cooker,”  someone who could “explode” if not given a chance to “blow off steam.”

“I think we’re in pressure cooker territory,” the person told the newspaper

The report comes at another challenging time for Trump’s still-nascent presidency.

Trump’s behavior in recent days have been anything but pleasant, mainly because of Trump’s latest battle with top Republican Sen. Bob Corker, who said last weekend he was concerned about Trump’s ability to lead, and the president’s penchant for brusquely speaking off-the-cuff on foreign-relations matters and issues of national security.

In an interview with The New York Times, Corker said Trump’s rhetoric could put the US on the path to World War III, and in a critique of the president’s behavior, Corker likened the White House to an “adult day-care center” (he’s not wrong).

Since then, Trump  has lashed out at Corker, who recently announced he would not seek reelection in 2018. the bully-in-chief targeted Corker much in the same way he has done with other people who have landed on his bad side: sitting on his royal throne while simultaneously throwing jabs at them on Twitter – at least we can say he’s able to multi-task?

On the other-hand, the man who is supposedly a “great deal maker”  has failed at every issue he promised. He has disgraced our nation far more than any other president in history. America will not endorse his insanity much longer.





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